Aqualon World Updates

New Poetry
11 June 2021

- Added a new poem to the Poetry collection: The Door Beyond

The Binding of Orzelgryf Continues
16 May 2021

- the second part of Chapter 5 of The Storm Winds of Glazglubin is now available on Wattpad

- Gates of Aqualon now has a new Twitter account

Belated Upadates
10 May 2021

- Chapter 5 of The Stormwinds of Glazglubin, "The Binding of Orzelgryf" has begun. Part 1 is live on Wattpad and Part 2 well-underway

- Chapter 4 of The Storm Winds of Glazglubin has been completed and uploaded on Wattpad

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Hello there, my name is Koray; welcome to my world!
Since I've been a little boy, I have been enthralled with the written word, working my way up the reading ladder from children's books to proper novels as quickly as I could, sinking my teeth into the many scifi and fantasy novels in my father's collection.