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The new #Aqualon header is now public! Head over to @WorldAnvil and check out all the nooks and crannies of the great world of Aqualon right here: … We got maps and stories and tabletop resources! #worldbuilding #worldanvil #fantasy #novel #writing #design
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I finished my little article for the current #festival #challenge on @WorldAnvil ! If you are a member on #WorldAnvil, I would really appreciate you liking this article (if you do like it), since that will be a factor in the #contest judgement! …
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The Island of Graanshoof, progress made during this week's Twitch stream of Gates of Aqualon TV. Join me for more map drawing and some rpg-related stuff next week, same time as always: … #worldbuilding #cartogrphy

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People of the Land Patron Tier (1$) 

  • Early access to new chapters on the homepage!

The people of the land may not be powerful mages, but without them there would not be any powerful mages.
And there would be no story either, so please, come in and sit at my table!


Magus of the Academy Patron Tier (3$)

  • All "People of the Land" rewards.
  • Free digital access to all the "Gates of Aqualon Magazine" issues (as pdf files). Get new chapters, exclusive short stories, and other goodies!
  • Access to the "Middle Lands" and "Great Land" discord categories.
  • Access to "The Curling Unagi" voice channel on Discord, let's talk and be merry!
  • Your name will be mentioned on the website and World Anvil page, thank you very much!

The five academies are places of learning and tradition, and all students are encouraged to strife for new heights. Come to my side and inquire without reservation, for I have secret arts to share.


Brothers/Sisters of the Null Patron Tier (5$)

  • All "Magus of the Academy" rewards.
  • Eligible for merchandise raffles on the weekly "Gates of Aqualon TV" live-stream.*
  • Shout-out on the weekly live-stream.
  • Eligible for the "Worlds and Words of Interest" segment of the weekly live-stream. (Where I showcase worlds, poetry, writing, and artwork).
  • Get new chapters and issues of the "Gates of Aqualon Magazine" as ebooks and pdfs.

*raffles will be limited to digital content until at least 5 "Brother/Sister of the Null" tier or higher contributors are available.

The Null have great sanctums hewn from obsidian at either Walls of Weltenend (Eastern and Western) where they train in their odd art of nullifying magic and seek enlightenment, ever ready to step in, when magic is being used to the detriment of the human race.


Technocrat of Miyako Fluxum Patron Tier (9$) 

  • All "Magus of the Academy" rewards.
  • Access to the "Miyako Fluxum, the moving City" category on Discord.
  • Participate in character polls and World Anvil polls and actively influence the book and World Aanvil page!
  • Get all chapters as pdf and ebook files for easier reading.
  • Get download links for the music of Aqualon, composed by yours truly.

Going beyond technology driven research, the technocrats of Miyako Fluxum dare to do research in technamagix, the banned faculty of Borealis. Knowledge is the ultimate end in itself, so move ahead with me, all the way to the future!

Winged Hammer Guild Patron Tier (15$) 

  • All "Technocrats of Miyako Fluxum" rewards.
  • Access to the "Realm of Angel Saxons" category on Discord. Read new poetry and songs and other material as soon as it becomes available.
  • Share your own poetry, songs, music and artwork on Discord.
  • Get a chance of having your work published in the "Gates of Aqualon Magazine".
  • You will be prominently mentioned on the website and World Anvil page.

Mysterious and withdrawn, most of what folk know of the Angel Saxons is from legends and hearsay. They are the great smiths of magical arms and armor that serve the old gods; and like them, we also swing the hammer of creation. Though it is more of a pen I suppose. Now show me your work, colleagues, I am eager to read!


Adventurers Guild Patron Tier (25$)

  • All "Winged Hammer Guild" rewards.
  • I will send you a physical copy of the newest "Gates of Aqualon Magazine" issue, if you want one ^-^
  • You may participate in a chat RPG on Discord mastered by yours truly.
  • I will write a short article about your character in Aqualon on the World Anvil page. Be it yourself, your chat RPG character, or an original character you want in my setting. Once I have completed my character design course, I will also create artwork for your character!
  • Your character may appear in articles, "Gates of Aqualon Magazine" content, and possibly even the novel.

What, you can't sit still and read? You have to get in there, sword or staff raised high? Well, go on then, I have perils most exquisite in store and wonders yet to behold! Prepare yourself!


The Greenhorn Family Patron Tier (50$)

  • All "Adventurers' Guild" rewards.
  • This is the loot box tier! Get a monthly loot box with goodies such as t-shirts, mugs, article booklets, tabletop quick-start packs, playing cards, exclusive short stories and poems, and many more things!
  • Links to digital rewards may also be included.
  • Whenever one of my Aqualon novels is complete, a printed, hard-cover copy will be included in your monthly loot box.

"The war horn blows green" is one of the most famous sayings to emerge from the Great War, when the Greenhorns, the first masters of technamagix created green, magical horns they wore as hats and that could be heard everywhere at once when blown. They tamed mighty moths and rode them into battle, and are still among the most renowned researchers in the field of ribogenetics today.


Hall of Heroes Patron Tier (100$)

  • All "The Greenhorn Family" rewards.
  • You may participate in a monthly video RPG session on Skype or Roll20, set in Aqualon and mastered by me.
  • Your adventures will be epic and well recorded on the World Anvil page. Perhaps word will even reach the characters of the books.
  • You may have your name on the website linked to your own site and add a short description or statement, and I will help you design a banner for this purpose if you do not have your own.

You want to travel with me? Well... I suppose the road is wide enough, and where it isn't, we'll make do! Yes, saddle your horse, pack your bag, we are going on an adventure!


1 What's a patron? Patreon is a platform that allows you to support this project with a variable monthly donation and earn cool rewards in return.