Kentai-P, Gates of Aqualon‏  @VocaloidSongs, 21. Mai

Sometimes magic is weaponized in unexpected ways. But then again, what isn't? Read all about how a necromantic ritual blighted the crops of the Allied Forces of the Great Land during the Age of Heroes on Aqualon: … #fantasy #aqualon #writing @WorldAnvil
Kentai-P, Gates of Aqualon‏  @VocaloidSongs, 21. Mai

Kentai-P, Gates of Aqualon‏  @VocaloidSongs, 20. Mai

The week of facts has concluded; sadly with no more than two fact requests, but eh, that's life for ya. I will upload these two facts on @WorldAnvil today, so keep an eye out for that upcoming post ^-^ #fantasy #Aqualon #worldbuilding

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