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The new #Aqualon header is now public! Head over to @WorldAnvil and check out all the nooks and crannies of the great world of Aqualon right here: … We got maps and stories and tabletop resources! #worldbuilding #worldanvil #fantasy #novel #writing #design
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I finished my little article for the current #festival #challenge on @WorldAnvil ! If you are a member on #WorldAnvil, I would really appreciate you liking this article (if you do like it), since that will be a factor in the #contest judgement! …
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The Island of Graanshoof, progress made during this week's Twitch stream of Gates of Aqualon TV. Join me for more map drawing and some rpg-related stuff next week, same time as always: … #worldbuilding #cartogrphy

Hello dear readers,

I am here to bring you another major article on Aqualon's World Anvil Page!

Once again I was browbeat into writing an extensive article by WA's avid contest culture. Damn you WA communnity but not really! *shakes fist*

So here comes a piece I was looking forward to for a while: Hestia.

During the organizing of my world, I decided that the origin of the Brotherhood of the Null should be tied into a magic of mass destruction (MMD) event that shook the nations of the world. For this I created the great city of Estverde on the Untamed Meadows, a now largely uninhabited, sizable stretch of land east of the Yamato Kingdom. This city was completely carbonized by a person called Hestia, often referred to as the Mad Magus Hestia.

Since that bit I wanted to get around to writing her story, and after placing a number of key pieces of information throughout other articles and timelines, the contest to write about a person that changed the course of history that is currently running finally gave me the kick in the pants I needed! So here goes, click the image to get to the article:


I hope you enjoy the article, happy reading,