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Sometimes magic is weaponized in unexpected ways. But then again, what isn't? Read all about how a necromantic ritual blighted the crops of the Allied Forces of the Great Land during the Age of Heroes on Aqualon: … #fantasy #aqualon #writing @WorldAnvil
Kentai-P, Gates of Aqualon‏  @VocaloidSongs, 21. Mai

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The week of facts has concluded; sadly with no more than two fact requests, but eh, that's life for ya. I will upload these two facts on @WorldAnvil today, so keep an eye out for that upcoming post ^-^ #fantasy #Aqualon #worldbuilding

Hello dear readers,

What an exiting week! Chapter 5 just went live, and now chapter 6  - "The Moths of Yamato and the Creatures of Asgard" followed just a few days later! Both chapters are available to read for my Magus of the Academy patrons and higher, and will go fully public on the 10th of March and the 20th of March respectively ^-^ I hope you enjoy them.

Additionally, in honor of the new plot template introduced by Dimitris on World Anvil, I have created my first one-shot adventure, designed for pen&paper roleplaying in the world of Aqualon!

"The Margrave's Favor" is a little tale set in the grand city of Aerialis in the year 1623 GE! Here, a dastard ring of criminals has been hijacking shipments and robbing warehouses, all to obtain the valuable magic metal nubium, a creation of Aerialis with highly limiting trade restriction. Selling nubium unauthorized to the outside is a very serious crime, and the margrave is being pressured by the guilds and noble houses to deal with the matter. In order to do so, he has gathered a large contingent of city guards, White Lancers of Aerialis, private investigators, and consultants to create a number of investigative task forces meant to root out the perpetrators!

Read the full article here, and look forward to additional material in the form of Fate Core and possibly D&D statblocks as well as additional scenes!

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The Margrave's Favor

I hope you enjoy the new chapters, and this adventure ^-^

If you want, you can tell me all about it on Aqualon's discord server (link on the top of the page)!

Have fun reading,