Kentai-P, Gates of Aqualon‏  @VocaloidSongs, 21. Mai

Sometimes magic is weaponized in unexpected ways. But then again, what isn't? Read all about how a necromantic ritual blighted the crops of the Allied Forces of the Great Land during the Age of Heroes on Aqualon: … #fantasy #aqualon #writing @WorldAnvil
Kentai-P, Gates of Aqualon‏  @VocaloidSongs, 21. Mai

Kentai-P, Gates of Aqualon‏  @VocaloidSongs, 20. Mai

The week of facts has concluded; sadly with no more than two fact requests, but eh, that's life for ya. I will upload these two facts on @WorldAnvil today, so keep an eye out for that upcoming post ^-^ #fantasy #Aqualon #worldbuilding

Hello dear readers,

I finally got another article featured on World Anvil ^-^

This time it is a chapter of the Codex Riccardium: Magna Magia, called "A History of Magic", in which Rickard Leeuw, founder of the Rickard Leeuw Magistorium describes the advent of magical tradition in the Middle Lands.

check it out by clicking on the image:

 Daily Feature 3 Codex Riccardium A History of Magic 27.02.18

And there is more good news on the way, so stay tuned!