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The new #Aqualon header is now public! Head over to @WorldAnvil and check out all the nooks and crannies of the great world of Aqualon right here: … We got maps and stories and tabletop resources! #worldbuilding #worldanvil #fantasy #novel #writing #design
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I finished my little article for the current #festival #challenge on @WorldAnvil ! If you are a member on #WorldAnvil, I would really appreciate you liking this article (if you do like it), since that will be a factor in the #contest judgement! …
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The Island of Graanshoof, progress made during this week's Twitch stream of Gates of Aqualon TV. Join me for more map drawing and some rpg-related stuff next week, same time as always: … #worldbuilding #cartogrphy

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It has finally happened!

After my January article about De Vries Cluster Field Theory sadly did not quite make it, my February entry for the World Anvil Monthly Masters Challenge made first place! I couldn't be more exited about this.

The article is my Age of Heroes Card Deck, the standard deck of cards used in most lands of Aqualon to play a variety of cool games. There is a long and rich history to it, and two sets of 52 fully designed playing cards that can correspond to a real deck of cards!

Click here to read the article:

age of heroes

Writing this article was so much fun! Though designing the cards was kinda hell, because other than making 104 cards, I also had to find fitting designs for the ukiyo-e style cards that were thematically fitting and in the public domain, a challenging task to say the least.

I will always remember how I delved into the deepest layers of CSS styling to make the card tables in the article happen. I wanted fancy animated effects to preview cards on mouseover and actually found a way to do so within the constraints of the World Anvil CSS engine using keyframes, and the result was amazing. In fact it was so amazing that Dimitris, the creator of the World Anvil project, commented on the Article, all in a huff, asking me to please tell him I didn't somehow inject JavaScript into his site, implying that I'd have to go if that was the case.

As a web designer hearing someone tell you they can't believe your CSS isn't JS is a bit like hearing someone say "I can't believe it's not butter" and actually meaning it xD

Anyways, here is another point I want to get to:

As I am trying to rework and optimize the patron reward structure of the Aqualon project, I have looked into many ways to make supporting the novel more rewarding. One of them has been to create a monthly magazine with the chapters published in the previous months, including lots of cool exclusive extra material.

As a trial run, I have created the first two issues and made them freely available on World Anvil! Check it out and tell me what you think on Aqualon's discord!

Here are the magazine issues, just click on the images:

enjoy reading ^-^


Hello dear readers,

I am here to bring you another major article on Aqualon's World Anvil Page!

Once again I was browbeat into writing an extensive article by WA's avid contest culture. Damn you WA communnity but not really! *shakes fist*

So here comes a piece I was looking forward to for a while: Hestia.

During the organizing of my world, I decided that the origin of the Brotherhood of the Null should be tied into a magic of mass destruction (MMD) event that shook the nations of the world. For this I created the great city of Estverde on the Untamed Meadows, a now largely uninhabited, sizable stretch of land east of the Yamato Kingdom. This city was completely carbonized by a person called Hestia, often referred to as the Mad Magus Hestia.

Since that bit I wanted to get around to writing her story, and after placing a number of key pieces of information throughout other articles and timelines, the contest to write about a person that changed the course of history that is currently running finally gave me the kick in the pants I needed! So here goes, click the image to get to the article:


I hope you enjoy the article, happy reading,


Hello dear readers,

I am sure you are itching to know how the story contiues and I have good news on that front! Chapter 5 is now fully public and you can read it right here. Additionally, here are links to the exact positions of the chapters in the public release:

VBook | Mobile Gallery

I hope you enjoy it,

Best regards and happy reading,