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The new #Aqualon header is now public! Head over to @WorldAnvil and check out all the nooks and crannies of the great world of Aqualon right here: … We got maps and stories and tabletop resources! #worldbuilding #worldanvil #fantasy #novel #writing #design
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I finished my little article for the current #festival #challenge on @WorldAnvil ! If you are a member on #WorldAnvil, I would really appreciate you liking this article (if you do like it), since that will be a factor in the #contest judgement! …
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The Island of Graanshoof, progress made during this week's Twitch stream of Gates of Aqualon TV. Join me for more map drawing and some rpg-related stuff next week, same time as always: … #worldbuilding #cartogrphy

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Chapter 8 30th Mar. 2018 7th Apr. 2018
Chapter 9 7th Apr. 2018 14th Apr. 2018
Chapter 10 7th Apr. 2018 21st Apr. 2018
Chapter 11 7th Apr. 2018 28th Apr. 2018

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Now "video" might be going a bit over board even if that is technically what it is.

Check out this new series in which I personally record different articles from the Aqualon World Anvil page and weave in background music I composed myself.

I plan on making this a regular segment and hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it!

as always have fun reading, yours truly,

Koray Birenheide

Greetings, dear readers,

I have published a new Article on World Anvil, providing some insight into the nature of magic in the world of Aqualon.

Check it out by clicking on the image below if you are interested ^-^


Other Articles you may have overlooked:

The Tower of Five

The Age of Heroes

Best wishes and stay creative,

Koray Birenheide

Dear readers,

I hope you can bear with me for a bit, as I try to make the book better readable for mobile devices. I am currently looking into suitable gallery softwares to display the pages as images.

Do not worry, it will not take long, and for those of you that enjoy the current application: This will only be a supplement, not a replacement.


There are also a few other pieces of news I would like to share:

  • Firstly, there is a new article on the World Anvil page about magic on Aqualon
  • Secondly, the first patreon has already signed up for this project, so thank you very much, WorldAnvil, first you inspired me, now you are supporting me. It must be because I said your name so often - I KNEW that was how naming magic works! I am going to keep repeating santa's name now. He's on my naughty list...
  • Thirdly, I am overjoyed that already several friends have come forth, offering their help in correcting spelling and grammar in both the websites and the book, as well as providing voice-over for an audio book, what an exiting idea!


With that, I wish you a great weekend,

Koray Birenheide



Alright, I have written a different viewer more suitable for mobile devices. As you can see in the top menu, you now may freely chose which viewer to use. The same choice is available for early access chapters, which can be reached via the table of contents widget at the bottom of the website by my patrons once they are online.