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The new #Aqualon header is now public! Head over to @WorldAnvil and check out all the nooks and crannies of the great world of Aqualon right here: … We got maps and stories and tabletop resources! #worldbuilding #worldanvil #fantasy #novel #writing #design
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I finished my little article for the current #festival #challenge on @WorldAnvil ! If you are a member on #WorldAnvil, I would really appreciate you liking this article (if you do like it), since that will be a factor in the #contest judgement! …
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The Island of Graanshoof, progress made during this week's Twitch stream of Gates of Aqualon TV. Join me for more map drawing and some rpg-related stuff next week, same time as always: … #worldbuilding #cartogrphy

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Hello dear readers,

today I bring you a great article on one of the capital cities of the Middle Lands: Aerialis, the city of the wind.

Chapter 4 is also progressing nicely, and should be available to my patrons between monday and tuesday. On monday, chapter 3 will also become public on monday, so everyone has something to look forward to ^-^

For now: Enjoy "Aerialis" (by clicking on the image below):


hello dear readers,

Today I would like to share two new articles with you, one about an elite order of mage knights that are in the retinue of the margrave of Aeralis, the other about a sickness that befalls those that do not use magic carefully.

And I also have an exiting piece of news to share: I was selected for this weeks world spotlight on World Anvil!

If you haven't joined the discord server of World Anvil yet, now is the perfect time, because I will be sharing articles and tidbits about Aqualon all week, and of course give lengthy answers to any questions about my world ^-^

Join the discord here:


And read the articles here:



The White Lancers



enjoy reading, and if you have the time: come to the WA discord and check out the world spotlight ^-^

I also publish daily facts about Aqualon on my own discord, linked at the top of this page, be sure to have a look.

Have a great day,


Hello dear readers,

I finished proofreading chapter 3 with my trusty lector Bastian last night, and today the chapter is ready and available for reading for my Magus of the Academy patrons and higher. Don't worry though, if you don't support me on patron: Chapter 2 will go public on friday for all the world, and chapter 3 will follow on the 12th of February. Meanwhile, I will get to work on Chapter 4, and try to create a few more articles about Aqualon on World Anvil ^-^

have a great day,